Who are we?

We’re Californians.

Housing for California is an initiative of the California Association of REALTORS® to support policies that help Californians live and work in the same community. California is the land of opportunity and prosperity, yet ranks last in the nation in housing affordability, in large part due to lack of supply. Join us to urge our elected officials and policymakers to embrace solutions to California’s housing shortage and reject misguided policies that make home affordability out of reach for millions. Together, we can make housing for all a reality. Watch the video for more on why we must get serious about California’s housing supply crisis.

Increasing the Housing Supply Helps All Californians


California’s housing shortage costs the state more than $140 billion per year in lost economic output, including lost construction investment as well as foregone consumption of goods and services because Californians spend so much of their income on housing. (A Tool Kit to Close California’s Housing Gap, McKinsey Global Institute, October 2016)


An average California home costs $570,010, about two-and-a-half times the average national home price ($257,600). (California Association of REALTORS®, National Association of REALTORS®)


California’s lowest income renters spend a median of 68% of income on rent, leaving them with little money for other basic necessities, including food, health care and transportation. (Confronting California’s Rent and Poverty Crisis: A Call for State Reinvestment in Affordable Homes, California Housing Partnership Corporation, April 2016)

A California Association of REALTORS® Center for California Real Estate White Paper reveals how rent control further cripples California’s housing supply. Read more about how it hurts low-income families and increases costs for renters.


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Policy Priorities

Policies That Help Homeownership

California Association of REALTORS® is committed to helping solve California’s housing crisis and promoting homeownership, and to do so, we must ensure our state increases its housing supply. Below is a list of proposed legislation that, if adopted, will help advance additional supply and provide homeownership opportunities for residents throughout the Golden State.


SB 50



Encourages the development of mid-rise, multi-family unit, housing construction around major transit hubs and employment centers. Provides developers with a “height density bonus” in exchange for a percentage of deed restricted affordable units. Exempts historic cities and coastal zones.

SB 330



Creates certainty for developer constructing new housing units, if the development is consistent with local planning, zoning and design requirements. Streamlines the local permitting process for 5 years in cities whose populations exceed 5,000 residents where rents exceed 130% of the national average.

AB 1590



Helps first-time, low- and moderate-income homebuyers in disadvantaged communities. AB 1590 would create a targeted tax credit to help people achieve their goal of homeownership and is especially timely, given the tight housing market.

SB 592



Holds local governments financially accountable for approving the construction of a second unit (i.e. granny flat, accessory dwelling unit, etc.) if it is consistent with local planning and design requirements.


Allen & Wiener


Repeals Article 34 of the California Constitution. Article 34 is a powerful “no growth” weapon that requires a local popular vote to approve ANY instance of affordable housing. Compliance with Article 34 adds anywhere from $10 to $80,000 per unit to pre-construction costs.

AB 101/SB 102

Budget Committees


Permits the Attorney General to seek judicial relief to compel local governments to appropriately plan for housing. Subjects local government to fines (up to $100,000 per month) for non-compliance.

Policies That Hurt Homeownership


AB 1482



Effectively establishes statewide rent control, which voters resoundingly rejected in 2018. It would cap rent increases to 7 percent plus inflation. This does nothing to address the root cause of the housing crisis: supply.


The solution is simple – we need more housing, and we need it now.

California policymakers must embrace solutions that work to put people back on track to afford to live in the communities where they work.

Urge California's leaders to support policies that
increase the supply of housing – our future depends on it.