There’s an old saying, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” For those standing in the way of overcoming California’s housing supply and affordability crisis, COVID-19 has become a tool to preserve the status quo – and – the status quo just simply won’t do.

As California seeks to recover, a moratorium on legislative solutions to get us out of our dire housing shortage is the last thing we should do. We dug ourselves into this hole over the last 50 years; it’s time to dig ourselves out of it. We simply cannot wait any longer.

NIMBYs offer no solutions to this crisis and financially benefit from the shortage. Our persistent lack of supply has cost us skilled workers, college graduates, businesses and optimism in California’s future. Working people are forced to commute long distances with the accompanying environmental impacts in order to pursue the dream of homeownership due to NIMBY resistance to housing development in high job growth areas.

Gov. Gavin Newsom and our State Senate Pro Tem are right ­– we need to increase our state’s housing supply dramatically for all Californians if we hope to have housing that is affordable and that will  appropriately serve the needs of California’s working families.

As champions of homeownership, California REALTORS® support efforts to make housing a recovery priority. REALTORS® are proud to back housing bills that make sense and will create more supply, which will mean long-term housing affordability for all Californians and allow working families to purchase homes that will allow them the option to live closer to job rich areas and transit.

We applaud the Legislature’s continued commitment to create polices that keep people safe during this difficult time and encourage the housing production and expanded ownership opportunities that are vital for the state to both recover and thrive going forward.

California will beat COVID-19. Getting California going again will require a full court press of which housing is an essential part.

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